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  MySQL Database


MySQL Database

A MySQL database is very simple and nothing in itself. In other words, MySQL database is a way of organizing a Group of Tables.

Create Your First Database
Most web hosts do not allow to create a database directly through ASP or PHP script. We need to call them and request to create a new database. Sometime they require that you use the MySQL Administration tools on the web host control panel to create a databases.

Download SQLYog, a MySQL Client Software (free utility) and install on your personal computer. You can use it to connect to either MySQL database on your local computer or direclty to your WebHosting Server.

For connecting your web hosting company, you need to call and ask Server IP address.

Create a database and assign a new user to this database.

Overall and typically you need to know following information:

  • Server: localhost or IP address of server
  • Database: e.g. alarms
  • Table: e.g. ProcessValues
  • Username: e.g. Admin
  • Password: e.g. AnyPW

  • The Server is the name of the server we want to connect to. If your MySQL database is installed on your local computer, then use localhost. If your MySQL database is installed on remote computer then then use IP address or remote URL to connect server.

    Before moving next...
  • You should have created a new database.
  • Assigned a user to it.
  • ...and NOT created a table yet.

  • If you are Okay so far then continue the tutorial. You will be making our first table in an upcoming lessons.

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