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Automation Media is about enriching your automation and controls web experience as we are one of the few internet-dedicated web publishers.

This site was created in early 1998 as one of the first Automation related sites. Since then both size of the site and the traffic have increased steadily and it has become popular and super hit resource of Industrial Automation and Controls. After a major update in 2004, AutomationMedia has been turned in to a valuable tool and a favorite stop of large number of Automation and Control Professionals from all over the world. It has earned a global reputation among Industrial software vendors, providers and their customers for the breadth and insight of its contents.

Well in short it's a website dedicated to provide popular Automation Technologies. A website devoted to useful news, articles, reviews, QA forum and knowledgebase about Automation and Controls Engineering with an emphasis on important new technology information and a lot of good information about OPC. We have the best and most committed team on the planet. Our lives revolve around technology and the team is actively associated with some of the best automation & controls companies. It's what we do, it's who we are – and we do it the best. Yes, our team have that "I want to make a difference" attitude !

We have proved in short time that Industrial Software articles, knowledge and information were never so interesting. It is not a product catalog web site so we do not post all available information on it but we carefully read hundred of magazines and web sites related to automation and control industry and bring the best, productive and hot information for you. One key factor that has been a key element in our success..... selective material only. We have never strayed from quality information and excellence in automation news and web publishing worldwide.

We know our readers, more than any other Automation and Control publisher. We've invested time and effort in getting to know what they want. We've painstakingly maintained our reader’s database, building on core knowledge direct from plant floor to decision makers of industry. This Key factor helps us in developing the targeted, focused information they seek, and deliver it to them using this neutral media with no hidden agenda.

We are proud that our OPC pages have record number of hits. We are dedicated to develop the awareness and understanding about interoperability in automation by providing best information from best sources about open specifications that standardize the communication of acquired process data, alarm and event records, historical data, and batch data to multi-vendor enterprise systems and between production devices.

Heartily thanks for those who provids valueable feedback. If you want to become a part of this as guest contributor and feel happy by sharing your knowledge with millions around the world then feel free to Contact Us.

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