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  Administion of MySQL


Administion of MySQL

Here are different options you have available for administering your MySQL service after it is successfully installed.

MySQL - Command Line
If you are an old programmer that has no need for a MySQL GUI (graphical user interface) then you can simply use any command line interface to execute MySQL queries.

If you installed MySQL on Microsoft Windows operating system you can reach the command line by going to the Start Menu and choose "Run...". Type the keyword "cmd" into the text field and press Enter to launch Window's command line interface.

With so many free MySQL administration tools available, many developers favor these free Graphical User Interfaces over the command line. The popular options include:

  • MySQL Administrator - A powerful tool developed by the folks at

  • SQLyog - My favourite. You can download free for unlimited basic use. For advance use like backups, you need to upgrade.
    (For more information Download

  • Navicat - A purchasable MySQL admin tools for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can download and use free for 30 days only.
    (For more information Download

  • phpMyAdmin - A popular web interface that is included with almost every type of Shared, Virtual or Dedicated hosting solution.
    (For more information Download

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