Monday, October 21, 2019
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Determining the Right Time to Sell a Manufacturing Company

According to Investopedia, approximately 10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring each day. Many of them are founders of manufacturing companies started in the 70's, 80's, or 90's. Those founders are ready to retire, and many are considering selling their manufacturing companies. ...See More..

by  Frances Brunelle  

Holiday Warehouse Automation

B2C (Business to Consumer) changing market dynamics, increased technical complexity, and the unyielding pressure to do more with less, requires that warehouse and DC managers look to innovative solutions to make the most of the space they have (especially since adding square footage, if available, is prohibitively expensive). ...See More..

by  Frank Charles Cozza  

Accessing Existing Business Intelligence Automates Industrial Profitability

Too often manufacturing firms, even top-tier operations managers, use company analyses or reports which neglect to ask why outcomes failed. There is attention paid to all variables evenly and equally rather than discerning which area of an industrial business needs most attention to improve profit. ...See More..

by  Soren Block Olsen  

Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Smart Glasses

WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) solutions are good at managing information, but not truly intuitive for the floor worker. This is primarily because lines of text are not the best way to tell someone how to do work; humans respond best to visual instructions. For that reason, most companies discuss on-boarding and training in terms of days, or worse yet, weeks. Visual Input Enabled Wearable (VIEW) technology rethinks workforce ... ...See More..

by  Seth Patin  

Automatic Truck Loading Systems Increase Efficiency by 400 Percent

Automatic Truck Loading Systems (ATLS) increase efficiency by 400% compared to traditional forklift truck loading. This automation is particularly important as 3PLs (third party logistics) companies, distribution centers (DCs), and warehouses all get ready for the all-important holiday picking, packing, and shipping season. There is a fundamental flaw ... ...See More..

by  Jack Smylie  

Automated Optimization Generates 77 Percent Reduction in Barcode Scans

Insight into techs, warehouses, and neighboring sources have a direct correlation to customer satisfaction. Automating this process by using mobile devices, field service technicians keep inventory updated, allowing everyone in the eco-system to review part inventories. When a part is needed, warehouse operators are notified on their device immediately for fast delivery or pick up. Once a part is in the possession of the tech, inventory is automatically ... ...See More..

by  Travis Smith