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Automation, Control & Plant Intelligence News Updates   |   November, 2013
Multi-compatible Machine Controller with Data “Turbo Power”: ProNumeric XCI 600

At this year's "SPS IPC Drives" fair for electrical automation, Schleicher presented its EtherCAT-enabled machine controller for the first time: The IPC-based "ProNumericXCI600" allows for fast and efficient field networking to international standards. Windows 8 embedded and an Intel i3 processor facilitate applications with up to 32 interpolating axes. The dynamic multi-operating system architecture ensures the continuous protection of current processes as well as long-term investment security.

EtherCAT is a powerful network that is internationally established and used by a multitude of component providers. Schleicher Electronic is one of the leading providers of automation solutions and has developed an EtherCAT interface for its own controllers: The "ProNumericXCI600" Schleicher controller supports the common CoE (CAN over EtherCAT) profile and is therefore compatible with nearly all EtherCAT-enabled drives. The XCI600 is also an IPC-based controller. It is therefore no longer necessary to have an industrial PC for visualization, logging protocols or statistics. Schleicher deliberately uses a board made by German market leader Kontron for its IPC controller to ensure long-term availability. The Core i3 Intel processor has two cores with 1.8 GHz each, a 4 GB DDR3 RAM and a 32 GB Solid State Disk (SSD).

Another advantage of the new Schleicher solution is that the VxWorks real-time operating system for machine controllers and Windows 8 embedded run in parallel to facilitate visualization and communication. The real-time hypervisor ensures reliable tandem operation. It divides the processor performance and concentrates the real-time processes in one core. Switching times are avoided and the operating systems are reliably separated from each other. It is, for example, possible to restart the Windows system without problems while the system continues to operate. Even a change to a later version does not affect VxWorks. The real-time system is returned to a safe machine state in the event of errors. VxWorks therefore provides a stable platform for many years of machine life cycles.

The Schleicher controller is provided in "Book-PC" format. The dimensions 100x200x200mm (3.93 x 7.87 x 7.87 inches) and vertically orientated connectors make the XCI600 very compact. Neighboring devices can be directly placed next to the controller - even in very flat switch cabinets. Consistent use of power-saving components ensures very low energy consumption, so that there is no need for active cooling in most applications.

The ProNumeric XCI600, like all other Schleicher controllers, focuses on permanent CNC/PLC synchronization. The "Intelligent Motion Controller" concept allows Schleicher to combine the strengths of both control technologies and to offer smooth movement sequences, efficient production processes and intuitive operation. The controller can be easily and quickly parametrized on a computer by using the "Schleicher dialog". The integrated web server facilitates simple visualization and operation. The XCI600 also offers various interfaces to connect peripheral devices: DVI/VGA interface and USB interface, 4x 1 GB Ethernet connections, seven USB interfaces as well as a serial interface for various applications.

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About Schleicher Electronic

Schleicher Electronic GmbH is a leading provider of automation & control solutions and the only medium-sized company owning a proprietary NC kernel for use in the manufacture of machines and plants. Since 1937 Schleicher has been standing for quality, innovation and experience: What began in 1958 with the invention of the time relay was perpetuated with the development in 1985 of the proprietary NC kernel and with the company's own programming and production of customized control systems. This company's longstanding tradition in innovation has its origin in Berlin, a major worldwide science hub; Cooperative projects with internationally renowned research institutes ensure constant inspiration for new development, giving Schleicher Electronic that decisive edge in the area of complex, high performance industrial applications. The company’s four core competencies include high-performance control systems, relays, electronic engineering services (EES) and electronic manufacturing services (EMS). Featuring roughly 90 employees, Schleicher Electronic does its manufacturing exclusively at its premises in Berlin (“Made in Germany”). Schleicher solutions are in use worldwide. Amongst many others, the customer base proudly includes Siemens AG, BMW AG and Sick AG.
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