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Automation, Control & Plant Intelligence News Updates   |   May, 2013
Faster, higher performance, cooler: XCA 1277

With its new XCA 1277 machine control system, Schleicher Electronic has added a further development to its tried and tested XCx control range. The upgrade to Windows 7 embedded and its Intel i7 Multicore high-performance processor now allows it to run applications with 64 interpolated axes and 32 systems. The focus of the development process was on reducing maintenance costs and extending the system's service life. Last but not least, the control system was designed to be seriously "cool" as compared to other control systems on the market: Instead of a sensitive and heat producing hard drive, its engineers used a 64 GB Solid State Disk (SSD). This choice allows it to do without a fast moving – and thus potentially high maintenance – cooling unit. This represents an enormous benefit for mechanical engineers and machine users.

The VxWorks realtime operating system for machine control runs in parallel with Windows 7 embedded for display and communication. The Real Time Hypervisor ensures reliable operation of the two in tandem. This utility shares processor power between the two systems, as well as ensuring an independent power supply in case of a power out. In case of a power out and Windows restart the control software continues working. Both operating systems are protected by a broadband filter against system errors, malware or incorrect usage: Undesired changes in software affect only the RAM memory; the machine returns to its previous status after every restart. However, planned modifications can be executed directly on the SSD. The system's remanent data storage has also been re-engineered so that it now has more space for application-related data.

Just as with the rest of the XCx range, continuous CNC/SPS synchronization is very much in the foreground of this new Schleicher control system. The XCA 1277 is integrated mechanically into the XCx range, and is outfitted with a variety of interfaces for connecting up to peripherals: CAN interface and USB port, DVI/VGA combined interface, Ethernet connections with integrated switching, digital and analog I/O modules, as well as an integrated Sercos III interface. The usual tried and trusted Schleicher features are also to be found on the XCA 1277: The "Schleicher Dialog" allows you to set your control parameters quickly and easily from the computer. The integrated web server makes visualization and operation easy.

Some information on Schleicher Electronic

Schleicher Electronic GmbH is a leading provider of automation solutions containing their own NC kernel for mechanical and systems engineering. It is the only provider specifically oriented towards the medium-sized business. For more than 75 years Schleicher has stood for quality, innovation and experience: What started in 1958 with the invention of the time relay was continued with the development in 1985 of the autonomous NC kernel and with the company's own programming and production of customized control systems. This company's long tradition in innovation has its base at our scientific center in Berlin; Cooperative projects with internationally known research institutions ensure constant inspiration for new development, giving us that decisive advantage in the area of complex industrial applications. Our five core competencies include high-performance control systems, relays, electronic engineering services, electronic manufacturing services and the manufacture of test equipment. With about 90 employees, Schleicher Electronic does its manufacturing exclusively at our Berlin location. Schleicher solutions are in operation worldwide. Our satisfied customers include Siemens, BMW and Sick AG.


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