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Automation, Control & Plant Intelligence News Updates   |   May, 2013
TeslaSCADA – First Android OPC UA SCADA.

Ulyanovsk, Russia - May 2013.We have developed a SCADA for accessing production and process data through smart phones and other Android devices, using the industrial communication standard – OPC Unified Architecture (UA).

Nowadays, mobile devices are becoming more powerful and the communication infrastructure (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G) is becoming more affordable. Now employees could receive technology information and have access to system controls anywhere at any time. Our idea is to do a quick visualization between an Android device and remotely situated industrial devices such as flow meters, compressors, tanks, artificial lift devices and more. TeslaSCADA allows the monitoring and control of automated processes to be extended to an ordinary mobile device, smart phone or tablet without extra development environment. It takes only minutes to set it up if you're used to SCADA. TeslaSCADA based on the binary OPC UA protocol. OPC UA is a highly efficient and secure standard, that allows encrypted transmission, authenticated and authorized access to production data.

Where can be used this solution? Everywhere starting from home automation and ending up with diagnosis and service for complex industries like Oil & Gas or Water & Wastewater. Who can use this solution? Everyone. The machine operators can make adjustments even when they’re not able to be physically at the machine. This may include stopping a machine when certain values are not met, or knowing at a glance whether or not an entire plant is operating at the expected levels. The utility engineers and technicians can monitor and control utility devices parameters and adjust them if they’re out of the range. The control engineers and technicians can access to the machines status information even being out of site. The production manager can online view machine utilization, production quantity and rejects parts.

TeslaSCADA can also help guard against disaster. If machine operators and engineers are notified of problems immediately wherever they are, it’s possible to take action before product is wasted, or the machine is damaged. Regular alerts can also let users know when it is time to perform preventive maintenance on machines such as lubrication or filter replacement.

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Fatkhullin Ruslan,
CEO of Tesla
Phone: +79050365713
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