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Exele's TopView: Remotely Monitor and Acknowledge Alarms from Smartphone Devices

Exele's TopView: Remotely Monitor and Acknowledge Alarms from Smartphone Devices

TopView 5.9.9 released (OPC and PI)

New features include Remote Monitoring from Windows Mobile Smartphone, enhancements to the desktop Remote Viewer, plus new alarm limit.

Remote Viewer for Smartphone - Windows Mobile Smartphone Devices

You can now remotely monitor TopView from any Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone Device.
Using the Remote Viewer for Smartphone (SP), you can
  • Monitor all TopView tags and alarms

  • Acknowledge alarms

  • Hear text-to-speech alarms

  • Windows Mobile Smartphone Devices are available from a wide range of vendors and cellular carriers. Here is a list of popular Smartphone devices in the US:
  • Sprint: Motorola Q

  • Cingular: Blackjack, 3125, 3100

  • T-Mobile: Dash

  • Verizon: Motorola Q, PN-820

  • To find other Smartphone devices, visit Microsoft Windows Mobile device list.

    There are now 3 Remote Viewer platforms:
    Desktop (Windows PC), Pocket PC and Smartphone

    TopView's New Features include
    - Remote Viewer for Smartphone

    Remote Viewer Desktop (PC) enhancements
    "Value View" or "Alarms View"
    Values View displays tag, value, timestamp, ...
    New Alarm View displays alarm messages for tags in alarm or unacknowledged

    Keep connections alive
    Option to automatically reconnect if connection to TopView is lost

    Flash unacknowledged alarms

    "Show Remote Viewer Window" on alarm
    Displays a hidden or minimized Remote Viewer upon new alarm

    Filter view by Tag Group
    Remote Viewer can display a subset of the total tags/alarms in TopView by selectively hiding one or more Tag Groups

    Timestamp change alarm condition
    Alarm when a tag's current timestamp changes

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