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MatrikonOPC offers new OPC HDA Test Tool

March, 2009
EDMONTON, AB March 16th, 2009 – MatrikonOPC™ is proud to announce the release of a new test tool for OPC HDA. HDA Explorer is a free stand-alone tool for verifying historical data through HDA, testing HDA OPC Servers, and troubleshooting connectivity to HDA OPC Servers.

"In the past, the only way our customers could view and test HDA data was to use full blown analysis tools. This utility enables our customers to test and troubleshoot their historical data much faster and easier than before. HDA Explorer can be installed and viewing HDA data within minutes," said Sean Leonard, VP OPC products at Matrikon.

According to Craig Resnick, Research Director, ARC Advisory Group, "Manufacturers must leverage their historical data as an important tool for achieving operational excellence. This historical data is used to trend operations, compare performance to benchmark standards, and through correlation, identify leading key performance indicators for productivity, maintenance, environmental and safety events. OPC tools such as MatrikonOPC’s HDA Explorer provide manufacturers who have utilized standards such as OPC HDA with a no-cost solution for extracting this historical data out of their HDA servers without the need to purchase costly analysis tools, providing them with the information needed to manage their operations and increase their productivity and profitability."

Features and Benefits:

  • Browse OPC HDA Server tags
  • Read all values in “raw” format
  • Perform processed or aggregate reads, like
  • Read OPC HDA Attributes
  • Read OPC items from a specified time
  • Insert simulated data into your HDA Server
  • Delete data from your HDA Server (time range)

Download it now!

Note: If you require a test client for OPC DA, you need the regular version of OPC Explorer. It is available here: Download it now!

About MatrikonOPC (a division of Matrikon Inc. [TSX:MTK])

With a collection of more than 500 OPC products and over 100,000 installations worldwide, MatrikonOPC is the world's largest OPC company. Matrikon™ is a charter member of the OPC Foundation, and has demonstrated a commitment to developing OPC as the industrial connectivity standard.
A wide range of global companies rely on MatrikonOPC products for their connectivity in industries such as: discrete manufacturing, process control, building automation, alternative energy production, commercial and military applications. With clients and installs throughout North America, Australia, Europe and the Middle East, the reach of MatrikonOPC Connectivity is truly global.

Visit MatrikonOPC at www.MatrikonOPC.com.
Matrikon and MatrikonOPC are trademarks or registered trademarks of Matrikon Inc.
For more information, contact:
Adriel Michaud
MatrikonOPC Marketing
+1 780-448-1010 extension 4006
email: adriel.michaud@matrikonopc.com

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Nicole Sayler
Communications Director

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