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Robust OPC Tunneling for Data Access and Historical Data Access

November, 2008
Over the past ten years, OPC has become the top communication standard for the process control environment. OPC offers valuable access to real-time data direct from the factory floor, but the need to configure Microsoft DCOM when the OPC client and server applications are installed on two separate machines can cause some serious headaches. Another issue is that such integration requires the transmission of process data values across firewalls where security considerations are crucial.

DCOM is not designed to transfer industrial data in real-time nor is it particularly Internet or firewall friendly which further exacerbates configuration obstacles when data needs to be communicated through different WANs, domains, firewalls, etc. Because of these issues, such data transfers can be difficult to configure, can encounter errors when network communication is interrupted and can cause security gaps. Regardless of these concerns, such configurations are vital because linking business enterprise systems with production systems increases visibility of the manufacturing supply chain and creates a more agile business environment.

In an effort to provide companies with solutions to their communication configuration obstacles, Integration Objects has released an upgraded version of the OPCNet BrokerTM. The previous version of the ONB tunneling solution secures real time data (OPC DA specifications) communication between OPC clients and servers. With the new version, users can now also secure historical data communication (OPC HDA specifications). OPCNet BrokerTM DA HDA for industrial network security and connectivity ensures fast, reliable, and secure OPC remote communication by bypassing DCOM bottlenecks and by tunnelling data through multiple firewalls and domains.

With the upgraded version of ONB, your DA and HDA data can be connected across different domains while only opening a limited number of ports within your firewalls so that security holes are minimized. The ONB DA HDA also ensures the security of data transmission by using encryption/decryption and by requiring user authentication to avoid unauthorized access. With the help of data tunnelling solutions such as ONB DA HDA, companies can now securely solve communication configuration problems with little effort and no DCOM headaches.

About Integration Objects
Integration Objects, producer of the OPCNet BrokerTM DA HDA and member of the OPC Foundation, has been a leader in the OPC software field since 2002. With over 35 OPC client products and OPC development tools offered on their website (www.integ-objects.com) and with additional customized services and software available upon request, Integration Objects provides easy solutions for complex interconnectivity problems. They offer highly reliable and low-cost software for manufacturers primarily in the oil and gas, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, steel and chemical industries. Integration Objects provides support for their customers all over the globe through the services of their offices in Europe, North America and the Middle East.

For further information, please contact Alison Gilman by mail at agilman@integ-objects.com or by phone at +216 718 618 03. To find more information on this specific product, visit the website at http://www.integ-objects.com/produits_da40f1e11d7268ab7ee3ee74d4aa1196.html.

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