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Automation, Control & Plant Intelligence News Updates   |   November, 2008
Integration Objects released high performance solution - OPC Data Transfer (ODT)

Integration Objects is pleased to announce the release of their high performance solution for automatic data bridging, the OPC Data Transfer. This product is designed to help customers configure and monitor data transfers between OPC servers (local and remote), thus allowing different control systems to exchange information. OPC software facilitates the communication between OPC clients and OPC servers, but configuring server to server connections is frequently cumbersome due to DCOM communication and security barriers.

With Integration Objects’ OPC Data Transfer (ODT), manufacturers using OPC technology can now easily exchange information between all components of their production processes and data analyses and avoid the DCOM obstacles.

The OPC Data Transfer not only provides businesses with a simple, off-the-shelf solution for data flow dilemmas, but also provides them with other valuable features. Extensive error tracking and management functions help businesses quickly find and stop problems in their systems. ODT is also fully equipped to manage OPC server and client redundancy. Therefore, when a master server or master client encounters an interruption when connecting and communicating with other parts of the system, a designated backup immediately takes over so that no data is lost. The inclusion of the redundancy feature provides an extra safety net for data processing and eliminates the need to purchase separate redundancy programs.

About Integration Objects
Integration Objects, producer of the OPC Data Transfer and member of the OPC Foundation, has been a leader in the OPC software field since 2002. With over 35 OPC client products and OPC development tools offered on their website ( and with additional customized services and software available upon request, Integration Objects provides easy solutions for complex interconnectivity problems. They provide highly reliable and low-cost software for manufacturers primarily in the oil and gas, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, steel and chemical industries. Integration Objects provides support for their customers all over the globe through the services of their offices in Europe, North America and the Middle East.

For further information, please contact Alison Gilman by mail at or by phone at +216 718 618 03.

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