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OPC - With the DCOM, how does it handles the remote server being disconnected problem?
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DCOM provides built-in features that ensure OPC clients and servers have a robust and reliable mechanism to exchange real-time information across the network.

DCOM also handles retries and time-outs between an OPC client and a remote OPC server and tries to reestablish communications if they are disconnected.

One of the strong points of OPC is that it leverages other standard software technology like Microsoft ActiveX, DCOM, and Windows NT. Microsoft DCOM technology makes distributed, client/server networking transparent to the OPC application. DCOM makes the underlying network communication protocol transparent to the OPC client/server. DCOM may send OPC messages using a variety of transports such as UDP,TCP/IP, and IPX, using the same OPC application using DCOM.

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OPC - With the DCOM, how does it handles the remote server being disconnected problem?....

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