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Fiber Optic Cable

  • Very popular in industry and used for very fast data trnsmission

  • Great strides have been made in the durability cost and ease of termination of this media.

  • Fiber optic cable offers two main advantages over twisted pair cable. First, data may be carried much further over fiber. Second, fiber is immune to electromagnetic interference.

  • There are two basic types of fiber in use today: Multimode and Single Mode.

  • Multimode fiber is used extensively in the data communications industry. Fast Ethernet carried over multimode fiber is known as 100BASE-FX. Ethernet may be carried up to 2 kilometers on this fiber.

  • Single mode fiber is used extensively in the telecom industry. Single mode fiber allows much greater run lengths than multimode fiber. Although there is no official standard for carrying Ethernet over single mode fiber, numerous datacom products offer this capability.

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