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CAT5 Ethernet Cable

  • Standard CAT5 cable is inexpensive unshielded twisted pair (UTP) data grade cable.

  • For Industrial Control, you have to get the shielded twisted pair (STP) cable.

  • It is very similar to ubiquitous telephone cable but the pairs are more tightly twisted.

  • Fast Ethernet carried over CAT5 cable is known as 100BASE-TX.

  • A CAT5 cable usually contains four twisted data pairs of which two are actually used by Ethernet; one pair for transmit and one for receive.

  • Newer "class 6 or 7" cables such as Belden MediaTwist 1872A have even better performance than CAT5 cable.

  • These newer cable types have less loss and crosstalk within the cable and are more immune to interference from outside sources.

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