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ActiveX - What is it?

  • ActiveX is a set of programming technologies created by Microsoft that enables software components created in different languages to interact with one another in a networked environment. It evolved from the OLE development standard, which in recent years has expanded far beyond the concepts of object linking and embedding that formed the original acronym.
  • Most MMI/SCADA software are a container for ActiveX controls.

  • ActiveX is an umbrella term of a broad range of technologies that used to be known as OLE Controls, all of which rely on COM.

  • A renaming and restructuring of the OLE Controls technology, it is object-based rather than object-oriented.

  • ActiveX is an open, integrated platform that lets developers and Web producers create portable applications and interactive content for the World Wide Web.
  • It’s open, cross platform, and is supported on Mac,Windows, and Unix systems.

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