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  • Portlets are web components that are deployed inside of a container, known as a portal, in order to generate dynamic content. The portal handles requests and communicates with a web server to generate and display portlets. Leading Industrial web portals offers Portlets feature like GE's Real Time Information Portal etc.

  • New in industrial Automation.

  • Portlets are reusable Web components that display relevant information to portal users. Inistially applications for portlets include the display of Email, weather reports, discussion forums, and news but now new automation and control software started to offer this features in web based applications for viewing plants technical information.

  • Portlet standards are intended to enable software developers to create portlets that can be plugged in any portal supporting the standards.

  • The portlet specification enables interoperability between portlets and web portals. This specification defines a set of APIs for portal computing addressing the areas of aggregation, personalization, presentation and security.

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