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97% Successful ERP Requires Industry Sector Expertise

by Thomas R. Cutler   |   October, 2010

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According to the Standish Group, ERP implementations in midsized companies have a high degree of failure. Some ERP vendors have better success rates than others. It begs the question: Why? What are the qualities and characteristics of successful ERP technologies and implementations? The research was not rhetorical; could any ERP vendor point to a nearly perfect implementation record? If so, what is the secret to that success?

After culling through more than a hundred industry sector specific ERP vendor, only one company could prove an implementation record of 97%, JustFoodERP. Dan Rowe, Product Manager at JustFoodERP suggests this amazing accomplishment happens because, “We take the risk out the equation by eliminating the need for risky customization. We have built an implementation process that allows mid-sized companies to implement without taking an eye off the business. After all, what good is business software if it doesn’t help improve the bottom line?”

What makes a 97% ERP Success Rate?

JustFoodERP’s distinct role centers make it easy for employees to find information needed, or get to the task at hand. By integrating MS Outlook calendar, and mail functions to a mid-sized food company’s home page users receive a list of notifications, top customers, or outstanding work easily and quickly. Rowe notes, “Every page can be completely tailored to an employee’s needs an fully integrates all the other Microsoft Office products like Excel and Word. A recall letter like the one shown is automatically generated from a list of customers who were impacted by a recent item trace and recall. With one click, you can inform your customers, or vendors to take the appropriate action.

JustFoodERP, powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV, has helped numerous food processors and distributors adjust and react to this business change. Rowe concluded that, “An integrated solution that manages every aspect of a food business from product development, costing and quoting, sales order processing, inventory controls, production, fulfillment, and finance, will ensure that every asset in the business is utilized to the fullest and to the satisfaction of Wal-Mart.”

Why JustFoodERP

JustFoodERP helps food companies lower costs, improve food safety, and manage customer compliance. We do this by matching up the best software technology with the best business processes. We work with Food Processors and Distributors

With the highest degree of fit out of the box in the industry, using our software means no customization, no risk, and easy upgrades. We speak your language because we work in your industry. We hire industry experts to work on your implementations, we have a Customer Advisory Council comprised of your peers to help drive our product direction. Our technology is powered by the best in the business, Microsoft Dynamics. Our technology roadmap Our customer’s continuous improvement is key. With JustFoodERP, customers will gain access to a product roadmap and upgrade path that allows them to find and make improvements in their businesses long after their initial implementation.

Partnering with Microsoft Dynamics means that we offer all the benefits of working with an industry specific software provider and we have the backing of the largest provider of business software in the world.

Software for food companies

ERP systems incorporate a full breadth of functionality integrating all elements of your business including sales, inventory, purchasing, planning and forecasting, manufacturing, warehouse management, shipping, and quality management. JustFoodERP provides all this but does so by focusing on the specific needs of food processors and distributors. Powered by Microsoft Dynamics, JustFoodERP is instantly recognizable to your users because it’s a Microsoft product. It also speaks to all the technology your company is using today including Outlook, Excel, Word and back end tools like SQL Server, and SharePoint.

With JustFoodERP, companies can opt to deploy MS Dynamics CRM for the management of customer communication, workflow, and opportunity management. MS Dynamics CRM is fully integrated to MS Outlook™. Your employees will be instantaneously familiar and at ease. Access account history and contact information offl ine. Integrate contact information to your smart phone (Blackberry, Windows Mobile, or iPhone) device automatically.

Whether implemented standalone, or integrated to JustFoodERP’s full business system, our CRM software powered by Microsoft Dynamics helps you manage relationships with customers by developing your Sales Force Automation, Opportunity Management and Campaign Management.

A simple sales order form shows how easily JustFoodERP manages complex information. Order details and Customer statistics are just a click away. Inventory positions by location, item substitutions, pricing, discounts, surcharges, commissions, and rebates are calculated automatically. Print or email an order confirmation or bill of lading from the same screen. JustFoodERP supports a variety of sales order processing options including EDI, web orders, standing orders, and simple sales order forms.

JustFoodERP provides lot-by-lot inventory visibility across facilities, at a bin or zone level. Full order reservation and expiry picking principals ensure that your inventory rotates correctly. Integrated planning engine marries forecasted demand against supply and will help direct purchasing and production decisions based on a number of qualifiers.

Business Performance Management capabilities are boundless. Whether it’s a plug-in tool for MS Excel™, or a fully integrated Business Analytics tool that features full Dashboard and Key Performance Indicators; JustFoodERP offers the right reporting options for all of your employees from the Shipping Supervisor to the CEO. A built in workflow engine makes MS Dynamics CRM an ideal tool for business processes like Product Lifecycle Opportunity Management is a great way to ensure your sales team is spending time with key customers, and that you have a forecast that is accurate.

Thomas R. Cutler is the President & CEO of Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based, TR Cutler, Inc, ( Cutler is the founder of the Manufacturing Media Consortium of three thousand five hundred journalists and editors writing about trends in manufacturing. Cutler is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, Online News Association, American Society of Business Publication Editors, Committee of Concerned Journalists, as well as author of more than 400 feature articles annually regarding the manufacturing sector. Cutler is the co-founder and contributor to a new business industrial library series found at Cutler can be contacted directly at See More Details.

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