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Safety Management Systems Requires Automation and Integration

by Thomas R. Cutler   |   April, 2010

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Intelex, a leading web-based Safety Management System, recently revealed the efficacy of enabling organizations to collect and track safety data in a central, organization-wide data portal that facilitates the streamlining of corporate policies, work flow, and reporting processes as well as regulatory compliance. According to Mark Jaine, President and CEO of Intelex, “Technology solutions must organize data into real-time reports that can be displayed on corporate dashboards, with the ability to drill-down into individual reports and scorecards for granular reporting details. Safety Management Systems must address all areas of an effective safety program including safety objectives and targets; safety incident reporting; safety hazard and risk assessment; safety meeting management; work observations; safety policy; training management; document control; records management; audits management; non-conformances and corrective/preventive actions; permits and other legal requirements; maintenance, measuring, and reporting; emergency response; and operational control.”

Progressive, best-of-class companies practice increasingly pro-active and less reactive safety management. The best safety management software utilizes a web-based platform so that employees may sign-in from any location with an internet connection. Organizations with multiple plants or sites across North America or globally can track safety performance data across their entire enterprise in a single management platform. The end result is a completely transparent representation of the organizational safety performance. Not a single automated process is as vital as ensure and maintaining safety standards.

OSHA, OHSAS 18001, and CSA Z1000

Achieving OSHA, OHSAS 18001, CSA Z1000 regulatory compliance has become an major initiative for many organizations across North America. Few technology solutions have been strategically designed to enable users to achieve and exceed the requirements defined by OSHA, OHSAS 18001, and CSA Z1000. Some of the technology features to consider in these compliance requirements include:
  • Central, Organization-Wide Safety Portal: A single, organization-wide system for all safety data, policies, objectives, and initiatives.
  • Real-time Reporting: Data can be rolled-up in real-time to multiple levels of management to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Automated Processes: Automated tracking, management, and notification across multiple departments or locations eliminate the opportunity for human error and streamlines workflow processes.
  • Progress Reports: Create instant, real-time compliance-progress reports and other corporate dashboards.
  • Document Control: Track file revisions and approvals in a central, organization-wide file database. Old file versions and the associated editing details will be automatically archived old for audit preparedness.
  • Fluid Knowledge Transfer: Share knowledge and best practices across locations, departments, and workgroups using document control.
  • Safety Incident Reporting: Standardized reporting forms with data-entry guides helps to ensure employees report safety incidents accurately and consistently organization-wide.
  • Escalating Email Notification: Send automated escalating email notifications to individual employees, departments, or work groups responsible for specific tasks.
  • Multiple Security Levels: Define unique user-security settings to ensure only selected users have access to confidential information.
The best Safety Management Systems should be either standalone or as part of an Integrated EQH&S (Environmental, Quality, Health, and Safety) Management System.

A few companies recognizing value from the SMS solution include:
  • Velan Inc. is a world leader in valves and manufactures a world-leading range of cast and forged steel gate, globe, check, ball, butterfly, knife gate and engineered severe service valves offering superior performance across all major industrial applications; currently using the Health & Safety Management System for complete management of safety incident reporting and preventive/corrective actions.
  • Novolyte Technologies is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of specialty electrolyte materials, high performance solvents, aryl phosphorus derivatives, and technically demanding custom manufactured products. Novolyte, previously Ferro Fine Chemicals Division, is headquartered in Independence, Ohio, USA and serves the needs of its diverse, international customers through two state-of-the-art, ISO-certified manufacturing facilities located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Suzhou, China. Novolyte Technologies is also utilizing the leading Safety Management System.
Interaction: a Hallmark of Best Practice

Building on the existing framework of, a portal that enables clients to download free reports, dashboards and training videos, Intelex now provides an array of new features; according to Jaine, “When it comes to developing lasting, fruitful relationships between our clients, our unique collaborative tools connect users, generate results and demonstrate our commitment to complete transparency.”

Interaction represents the ability to connect with other clients and employees by joining one another’s networks to communicate, build linkages with other clients and get direct, immediate answers from staff. Access to experts behind industry-leading EHSQ software solutions embraces community-building, transparency and collaboration.
Thomas R. Cutler is the President & CEO of Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based, TR Cutler, Inc, ( Cutler is the founder of the Manufacturing Media Consortium of three thousand five hundred journalists and editors writing about trends in manufacturing. Cutler is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, Online News Association, American Society of Business Publication Editors, Committee of Concerned Journalists, as well as author of more than 300 feature articles annually regarding the manufacturing sector. Cutler is also the developer of lean technology C.E.O (Continuous Experiential Optimization). Cutler can be contacted at See More Details.

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