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  • AutomationMedia Introducing New Contributor - Matt Rendall
  • Physik Instrumente enjoys success at the 2017 Motion Control Industry Awards
  • GRP inspection door for field instrumentation enclosures optimizes protection in harsh processing environments
  • Smart Cities: Paradox Engineering presents revolutionary PE Smart Urban Network solution to manage multiple Internet of Things services
  • Cambodia: MinebeaMitsumi awarded for its High-efficiency LED Streetlight Implementation Project
  • Fanuc Corporation and Rockwell automation announce global collaboration on integrated manufacturing solutions
  • Taking the Measure of a Manufacturing Training Program
  • MTI Systems Adds Tube Laser & Fiber Laser Cost Models to Costimator for Fabrication Shops
  • Thorn and paradox engineering to contribute together to “DOLL” smart lighting experiment in Copenhagen
  • Managed Industrial PoE Switch for infrastructure applications
  • Antaira Technologies’ Point-to-Point Preconfigured Wireless Outdoor Bridge

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    The Problem: Untapping the Value in Extended Enterprise Value Chains
    The Solution: Demand Driven Enterprise-wide Supply Chain Solutions
    Frank Kapper   Over the past decade there has been a great need for better technology solutions to address global demand-driven and enterprise-wide supply chains. While lean manufacturing initiatives have instigated certain processes, such as Kanban, the reality for global manufacturers is simple: ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions (from NetSuite to Oracle to SAP and others) have failed to deliver the promises needed. ERP is a critical and important aspect of any manufacturing firm; it is not a panacea. Over the next few months we are going to explore some of the reasons why ERP-based supplier portal solutions struggle to provide the tools required by manufacturers to visualize, collaborate, execute and manage extended enterprise value chains.
    Automation Transforms the Omni-channel while Minimizing the Total Supply Chain Costs
    Vikrant Angia   VCO Systems launched a suite of innovative, cloud-enabled light systems for the ecommerce and retail verticals aimed at increasing productivity, and managing seasonal capacity surges that have become a significant challenge for most online retailers. Too many in the picking product space fail to understand the complexities of the fast-changing omni-channel experience and associated total supply chain costs.
    Industry 5.0 Driven by Chief Robotics Officer
    Matt Rendall   explains how things have changed in the last 10 years - while manufacturers have focused on continuous improvement within their space, the technology sector has also been making leaps and bounds in innovation, with new capabilities spanning cloud computing, big data, and mobile computing.
    Near Full Employment is Driving Automation Even Among Smallest Manufacturers
    John Hayes   explains how rebounded US job growth is translating into driving automation even among smallest manufacturers. Respecting the value of the small manufacturer is obvious yet most in the automation arena have ignored, even dismissing the value of these small manufacturers, each of whom can derive the same benefits from full automation. Fully automated operations have a long way to go.
    Much Higher Labor Rates Driving Automated Conveyor Solutions
    John Murdoch   explains that with near full employment in North America the costs of labor in a distribution center is quickly approaching $18 per hour, nearly double from the 2010 rate. At lower wages, it was more difficult to cost-justify the automation expense. Now with much higher labor rates ....
    Future Trends in Control and Process Automation in the MET Industry
    Anup Varghese   reveals that The Media, Entertainment and Telecom (MET) industry utilises control and process automation equipment and services mainly at amusement parks and theme parks. Control automation equipment such as motion and ride control systems, emergency shutdown systems, show/audio controls and continuous regulatory control are used in roller coasters, motion theatres, snow worlds etc.
    Top 5 Reasons Why ERP Implementations Fail
    Jason Rourke   reveals when listening to fears and concerns about ERP solutions, implementation is usually on the top of most lists. Yes, it can be daunting, but it is the cornerstone of the overall project. So why do implementations fail? Below is our countdown of the most common ERP implementation errors and how to avoid them.
    Smart On-Demand Integration
    Faheem Ismat   reveals on-demand integration means automating business processes by linking enterprise programs, which have operated independently in the past, to provide comprehensive services to the business by increasing productivity and at the same time decreasing operational cost. Despite the trend toward acquiring application portfolios from a single supplier or from a limited number of suppliers, few organizations are able to have all of their application portfolio requirements using a single source. Heterogeneous IT portfolios are norm and will stay like that.
    What is OPC in 2010? It is all about the Tag
    Nathan Pocock   talks that OPC is still the connectivity standard for Process Control, for ADI, a part of FDI and FDT and STILL the connectivity standard for manufacturing, and PLCs. OPC is a Unified Architecture, and OPC is an Express Interface. OPC is three letters that are a lot of things to a lot of different people, but what it really boils down to is moving data and the Tag. Yes the Tag. Everything in OPC revolves around the Tag.
    Catching the Process Fieldbus : An Interview with James Powell
    James Powell   talks about how the world of industrial commutations appears as a multilayered, multidimensional, occasionally confusing mixture of fieldbuses, software packages, and media. He shows in his book "Catching the Process Fieldbus" that when industrial communications is understood and then installed with forethought and care, network operations are both beneficial and painless.
    OPC UA: An End-User's Perspective
    Randy Kondor   reveals OPC UA (Unified Architecture) represents the OPC Foundation’s most recent set of specifications for Process Control and Automation system interconnectivity. This paper explains OPC UA from the perspective of the organization that will benefit from the connectivity, in other words: the End User. The first form of OPC relied on DCOM for its data transportation, which was very powerful and versatile, but

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    Analysis, Reviews & Views By Jim Pinto - More Columns >>   
    • Human Population Explosion
      A tremendous change has occurred in the world: Until around 1800, the population grew to about 1 billion; with the industrial revolution, the second billion came in only 130 years (1930); [Read More]
    • Book - Computation for Humanity
      I thought I'd share this new book with you because it includes a chapter which I wrote [Read More]
    • Growth of Virtual Currency - Bitcoin
      Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency where the creation and transfer of virtual cash is based on cryptographic protocol, independent of any central authority. Money can be transferred through a computer or smartphone without any intermediate financial institution. Issuing bit coins and managing transactions is done collectively by the network. Bitcoin is open-source; its design is public; nobody owns or controls it and everyone can take part. [Read More]
    • Perry Marshall Book - 80/20 Sales & Marketing
      Perry Marshall is a marketing strategist and author of several books, including "Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords" and "Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising." He speaks often at conferences and corporate events and runs successful seminars. [Read More]

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    Less is More: How SKU-Keeper by Voodoo Robotics is Redefining Traceability Technology
    There is certainly efficacy for fully exhaustive and comprehensive technological traceability, yet with 90 percent of small food and beverage manufacturers employing fewer than 100 people, rarely is the Rolls Royce affordable and never cost-justified. [Read More]
  • The Need for Effective Communication Regarding Automation
  • Predicted 2017 Cost Savings from Automation and Innovation Significant According to NIST
  • Maquiladora Near-shoring will Continue in 2017 and there are Material Handling Winners Set to Benefit
  • Continuing STEM Education
  • World's Largest Automotive Glass Facility Opens in Ohio
  • Too Many Metrics Demand-Driven Manufacturing Metrics for Action
  • Automating Finance and Lending Audits Simplified with Optical Character Recognition

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  • Introducing: Editorial Contributor - Matt Rendall
    For nearly twenty years has been giving voice to industry thought-leaders like Matt Rendall. The publication is a platform enriching businesses' automation and controls and impacts on the industrial culture, strategy, and excellence. .... [Read More]
  • New Products Brought to Market Faster with Cloud-Based Technologies
    The customers are training the manufacturing sector with the mantra, make what I want, when I want it or I will take my business elsewhere. This insistence for a one-of-a-kind (or far from "off-the-shelf") solution requires that new products be brought to market faster than ever. .... [Read More]

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