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Automation, Control & Plant Intelligence News Updates   |   November, 2007
Network Vision Introduces IntraVUE™ Lite edition at Rockwell Automation Fair

Rockwell Automation Fair, Chicago, IL (November 14th, 2007) The explosion of Ethernet devices at the control and I/O level has created a need for a cost effective and scalable diagnostic tool that can be used by control engineers and technicians. Network Vision has responded by adopting a version of IntraVUE which will be targeted at Control or I/O networks, as well as many OEM systems.

IntraVUE Lite will contain all of the diagnostic features of the current IntraVUE 2.0 software but restricted to a single local subnet of 256 addresses. The software has a starting price of $495 which allows it to be cost effective for even small systems. IntraVUE Lite can be installed to run continuously or used in a laptop as a portable test tool. The software allows easy movement from computer to computer, thus able to be shared between service people. IntraVUE within minutes of being connected to the network will automatically identify and map all devices, as well as provide details on connection health, traffic and misbehaving devices.

“Many people are not sure why there is a need for a tool that provides accurate topology for diagnostics. This was not needed for previous Industrial networks” states Mark Fondl founder of Network Vision. “However unlike bus or daisy chained configurations of traditional industrial networks, Ethernet communication passes through several active devices called switches. These switch configurations complicate troubleshooting by having the transmitting device not directly connected to the receiving device. Other diagnostic methods treat each device separately without understanding the path; this would be like troubleshooting a circuit board by testing individual components without referring to the circuit diagram.”

IntraVUE has been applied in some of the most complex manufacturing networks and has been selected by some of the largest manufacturing companies. Feedback from users and experienced gained from these plant floor applications have helped the product to evolve. Providing simplified and automated mechanism to allow local resources who are not network experts to quickly respond and resolve problems is the major difference separating IntraVUE from traditional IT tools.

About Network Vision:
Network Vision (Newburyport, MA) is a private company formed in 2002 from a group of individuals each with over 20 years of Industrial Automation experience. The company shipped the first version of IntraVUE in 2003 and currently has over 500 installations in a variety of markets such as Industrial Automation, Video Surveillance, Building Automation, and Transportation. Network Vision is a Rockwell Automation Encompass Partner since 2005.

For more details visit or call +1 978 499-7800

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