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Automation, Control & Plant Intelligence News Updates   |   June, 2016
New ultra-slim permanent magnetic brake

SG Transmission has launched an ultra-slim, high torque, permanent magnetic brake with a brake field depth of less than 13mm.
The design team at the British manufacturer of clutches and brakes, designed the brake specifically for a robotics manufacturer where length was restricted and footprint size limited.
The ultra-slim brake has been developed by using extremely high energy permanent magnets to obtain its high torque in a small space. The brake has a small outside diameter and a brake field of less than 13mm, with a comparatively large bore through the centre for the application’s drive shaft.
The design engineers at SG Transmission were also faced with the challenge of designing an efficient magnetic circuit to fit in such a small envelope, which incorporated the coil to de-energise the brake.
Paul Short, technical manager at SG Transmission, said: “We initially designed this product for a customer who had an already specified envelope size. We achieved the desired specification in a very limited time scale to meet the customer’s expectations.”
“Since providing this solution for the customer we have further developed the brake, after receiving a number of enquiries from customers regarding the high torque brake within a small space.”
The high torque brake is suitable for most industries including robotics, medical and military due to its inherent backlash-free construction. Additionally, it is low in power consumption which reduces heat build-up when compared to spring applied alternatives.
SG Transmission operates a state of the art manufacturing facility and in-house design office in the north east of England. It manufactures a wide range of electromagnetic clutches and brakes for a global customer portfolio.

Media contact:
Jodie McAndrew, Marketing Assistant at SG Transmission 0191 2097420

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