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Automation, Control & Plant Intelligence News Updates   |   January, 2014
MT Focus® Releases Reporting Function for Machine Tool Monitoring System

South Bend, Indiana - January 20 - SYSCON International has released MT Focus® Reports—a powerful but easy-to-use reporting function—for its MT Focus machine tool monitoring system. While many manufacturers appreciate the value of “seeing” what is truly happening on their shop floor, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the large amount of information that can be pulled from a machine tool. “MT Focus users now have a quick and effective tool for assimilating the large volume of shop floor data from their MT Focus system into actionable information,” said Don Hemler, MT Focus Product Manager.

How it Works
MT Focus Reports takes real-time machine data and places it in a database on the MT Focus Data Collection Hub. Microsoft® Excel translates the data into four reports that can be viewed, printed or stored. No integration support or third-party tools are needed. MT Focus Reports includes:

a) Weekly Machine Performance: Utilization data for a machine over a one-week time frame

b) Part History: A job list with detailed data for a specific part over a user-specified time frame

c) Operator History: A job list with detailed data for a specific machine operator over a user-specified time frame

d) Individual Job: Detailed data for a given job

Use “Right From the Box” or Customize
“A manufacturer doesn’t need an IT Department to take full advantage of MT Focus Reports,” said Mr. Hemler. Right from the box, MT Focus Reports places four pre-engineered reports at the User’s fingertips. Additionally, each report has two sheets (tabs). The first sheet is the report itself. The second sheet contains a complete set of the MT Focus data pulled from the machine. , Using available Microsoft Excel tools, any of these values can be moved to the cells on sheet one and incorporated into the User’s customized report. Database or programming skills are not required. Users can also pull in data from other databases to optimize the valve of their reports. For example, tool vending data can be added to show and correlate tooling usage on a job.

About MT Focus
MT Focus, your gateway to the Internet of Machines, is a monitoring solution for MTConnect-capable and legacy machine tools. MT Focus connects machines through the universal language of the Internet, enabling a manufacturer to "see" machine performance and make decisions based on accurate data, crucial alerts, and real-time production data. The MT Focus system uses the MT Focus Adapter/Agent module with a choice of a variety of software options, the MT Focus Reports and additional hardware options. Direct ERP data exchange, multiple spindle monitoring, and other features are supported.

About SYSCON International SYSCON MT Focus® is a SYSCON International product. From the company’s inception in 1969, SYSCON International has been committed to the development of technology-based products for manufacturing environments, including PlantStar, MicroScreen®, Heraeus Electro-Nite and CanDataX. MT Focus is the newest member of the SYSCON family and it’s related to SYSCON PlantStar product line of real-time production and process monitoring systems for plastics injection molding machines. The hardware and software products for MT Focus were developed with the same engineering and software development expertise that has made PlantStar one of the leading providers of plant-monitoring technology.
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