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Automation, Control & Plant Intelligence News Updates   |   December, 2013
Minebea To Join PARADOX ENGINEERING As Shareholder To Boost The Common Strategy For Smart Cities, Smart Buildings And Industrial Sensing


Tokyo and Novazzano, December 2 2013 – Minebea Co. Ltd. (Nikkei: MNBEY) has joined Paradox Engineering SA as shareholder and major strategic partner, entering the Board of Direction effective January 9 2014. Gianni Minetti will remain as President and CEO at Paradox Engineering SA. Within the Board of Direction, Paradox Engineering and Minebea will set directions and strategies stemming from the synergy between the two Companies.

The Japanese corporation Minebea, leading producer of high-precision machinery components and electronic devices, selected Paradox Engineering as the perfect partner to boost its competitive edge and strengthen its presence in the promising Internet of Things and Machine-2-Machine markets by leveraging on Paradox Engineering’s leading innovation. Specifically, Minebea will build on its excellence in serving highly demanding OEM markets and take advantage of Paradox Engineering’s proven expertise, state of the art technology and inspired vision to accelerate new developments for Smart Cities (from smart lighting to other multiple applications), Smart Buildings and Home Area Networks, as well as Industrial Smart Sensing and Health Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS). Thanks to Paradox Engineering, Minebea will broaden its capabilities and offering, therefore anticipating market needs with compelling solutions.

Minebea’s valuable contribution will enhance Paradox Engineering’s resources and market access to better address existing market opportunities with improved supply, time to market and business continuity capabilities. Acknowledged leader and innovator in urban and industrial wireless sensor networks, Paradox Engineering will further feed its technology and creativity skills to honor its engineering DNA to design new innovative Internet of Things and Machine-2-Machine solutions for Smart Cities, Smart Buildings and industrial applications. Furthermore, Paradox Engineering’s technology footprint will reach other markets where Minebea already plays a major role, such as aerospace, automotive, and defense.

“I have high expectations for the capital alliance between Paradox Engineering and Minebea. Paradox Engineering is truly a renowned company having a wide variety of top-level technologies in the world. Paradox Engineering’s technologies are at the core and forefront of Smart City projects that have been expanding rapidly at present. Such technologies are totally awesome in that they would enable the machines and devices to communicate with each another easily across the board through the data collected in the field of Smart City projects by integrating and translating various different communications standards into one common language. By way of exploring the integration of Paradox Engineering’s fabulous technologies with its uniquely expandable and flexible features and Minebea’s strengths in the sensors, lighting devices and ultra-precision machining technologies, we aim at becoming a part of success at the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, which focuses on the reduction of environmental burdens.”, stated Yoshihisa Kainuma - Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer, Minebea. “We are confident that we will play an important part in promoting and facilitating Smart City movements of the near future that are currently underway through providing and supplying our high-quality, state-of-the-art products to every corner of the world by way of making the best use of our strong manufacturing capabilities being deployed in thirteen countries worldwide.”, he added.

“Smart Cities, Smart Buildings and Industrial Smart Sensing are nowadays mature markets, where proven technology, industrial capabilities and global market access are critical success factors. The entrance of Minebea in Paradox Engineering represents a major opportunity and a significant step ahead for our growth. Being chosen as Minebea’s engine for innovation and forward looking technologies truly rewards our commitment and passion for technology excellence and world-class execution”, states Gianni Minetti, President and CEO, Paradox Engineering. “Together with Minebea, we will further penetrate the Smart Cities, Smart Buildings and Industrial Smart Sensing markets with innovative and even disruptive technologies which will accelerate and boost the whole industry, anticipating what today we cannot even think about”.

Together, Minebea and Paradox Engineering will design the future of urban and industrial Internet of Things applications and markets worldwide, boosting Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, HUMS and M2M towards their next generation In 2014 the two Companies will outline specific strategies to focus on Smart Lighting, Building Sensing and HUMS for industrial systems, which will be the first step in their collaboration and joint path of growth.

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