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Automation, Control & Plant Intelligence News Updates   |   May, 2013
Moore Industries Shows Engineers the Advantages of Wireless I/O in New Web Video

NORTH HILLS, CA-- Moore Industries has released a new video showing the advantages of wireless I/O solutions in industrial facilities. In the video now available at the Moore Industries Interface Solution Video Library at http://www.miinet.com/ProductInformation/InterfaceSolutionVideoLibrary.aspx, journalist and industry expert Peter Welander relays several reasons engineers are increasingly integrating wireless I/O as part of their process control solution and steps through ways they benefit from it.

More industrial facilities are realizing substantial benefits from implementing wireless I/O solutions as part of their overall process control strategy. By moving away from cable and embracing a wireless I/O solution, engineers gain flexibility and safety while reducing the costs of equipment replacement and maintenance. Moore Industries brings additional wireless I/O tools to the engineer's toolbox with new products that facilitate wireless communications between remote field instruments and control rooms.

Moore Industries’ wireless I/O product line includes the WNM Wireless Network Module, which works with distributed I/O systems such as the NCS NET Concentrator System® from Moore Industries to extend the reach of a facility's digital communications structure to a virtually limitless range. In the video, Welander shows how the WNM works:

  • In a Point-to-Point System to send wireless signals from a Remote to a Master

  • In a Point-to-Multipoint System with multiple WNM units configured as repeaters to relay signals when a direct line of sight does not exist between a Master and Remote module or to significantly extend the transmission distance allowable within a WNM network

  • Through the use of animated diagrams, Welander shows how the WNM can extend a plant's control and monitoring system. In addition, wireless I/O solutions help engineers significantly reduce installation and maintenance costs related to traditional wiring along with creating a system that is easily expanded as plant specifications change.

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    More information about the WNM Wireless Network Module and other Distributed I/O products are available at the Moore Industries website at http://www.miinet.com/ProductInformation/SelectionGuides/ProcessControlandDistributedIONetworks.aspx. Other videos from Moore Industries can be found at the company's YouTube page at http://www.youtube.com/MooreIndustries.

    For more information, contact
    Moore Industries-International, Inc.,
    16650 Schoenborn St.,
    North Hills, CA 91343,

    Telephone: (818) 894-7111;
    FAX: (818) 891-2816;
    E-mail: info@miinet.com;
    Web Site: www.miinet.com .

    Editorial Contact:
    Richard Manfredi, (818) 894-7111

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