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Automation, Control & Plant Intelligence News Updates   |   January, 2010
"Integration Objects" releases intelligent platform based on next generation KPI and knowledge management technology

January 18, 2010 - Integration Objects (, a global leader in operational intelligence and connectivity solutions, announced that they have released their new intelligent application framework: KnowledgeNet (KNet). This platform pairs advanced integration capabilities with newly developed knowledge management technology for companies striving to achieve and maintain operation excellence.

KNet’s features allow users to have a global view of the enterprise, visualize processes, implement an enterprise-level decision support system and use a KPI expert function to monitor plant-wide performance, diagnose any deviations from operational objectives and suggest corrective actions for plant process and safety improvements. This can help managers and operators to make more effective business and operational decisions and identify areas for profitability improvement.

This intelligent platform would allow companies in any industry to not only integrate data found throughout a plant in existing MES applications, process control and ERP levels, but also use features such as a KPI calculation engine, root cause analysis, graphical rules, workflow management engine, and process and plant maps to monitor and manage plant operations and supply chain performance.

“From our experience with customers, we’ve learned that decision support applications are very hard to achieve for several reasons: multiple data sources, lack of information cross-referencing, or knowledge being scattered among different people or only available in paper manuals. Data collection and supervision applications allow you to get raw and calculated data, but managers and operators are missing the tools that are able to support them in optimizing operations or handling emergency situations.

“The KnowledgeNet platform was designed not only with the scope of cross-referencing data between DCS, MES applications, ERP, historians and databases, but also to gather operation knowledge, automatically detect problems and execute diagnoses using root cause models. With KNet, making decisions based on data becomes automatic, time efficient and compliant with our customers’ best practices,” said Integration Objects’ President and Founder, Samy Achour.

KNet optimizes plant processes, increases plant safety, enforces best practices and ensures that optimal responses are made during abnormal conditions. This results in improved performance across both the plant and the enterprise.

For more information on Integration Objects’ KnowledgeNet platform and the company’s custom solutions, visit

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About Integration Objects
Integration Objects has proven experience in knowledge management and decision support systems. They provide innovative and sophisticated solutions for manufacturers primarily in the oil and gas, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, steel and chemical industries. ISO 9001:2008 certified and an active member of the OPC Foundation and MIMOSA, Integration Objects is dedicated to quality, incorporating industry standards and enabling interoperability through its solutions. They provide support for their customers across the globe through their offices located in strategic time zones.
Visit Integration Objects at

For further information, please contact Integration Objects’ Customer Service by e-mail at or by phone at +216 71 861 803.
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