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Automation, Control & Plant Intelligence News Updates   |   January, 2009
Grid Connect Introduces Long Range Wireless Ethernet Bridge

A new approach to wireless is finally here! Introducing the W900-IM long range wireless Ethernet bridge from Grid Connect. Itís a DIN rail mountable, secure, radio in a metal housing.

The radios transmit in the 902-928 Mhz band with no FCC license necessary to operate or install. Auto or manual selection between 12 available channels is available for optimal transmission quality. With minimal steps required for setup, you can be saving yourself the need for costly and inconvenient, long Ethernet drops in minutes.

When setting up a pair of radios, select which radio act as an access point, and which will act as a subscriber with the flip of a switch. Then plug an Ethernet cable in between them. The two radios will pair and exchange keys for encryption. Remove the cable, plug the radios into their respective Ethernet host or network, and your wireless link is now up and running! Best of all, the radios donít interfere with Wi-Fi signals! Enjoy a 935 Kb/s data rate and the fact that your signal is capable of penetrating as many as seven walls with the standard included rubber ducky antenna.

Optional stronger antennas are sold separately and can provide an even longer range. The W900-IM is optimal for Ethernet intercoms, Kiosks, PTZ cameras, access control, and more. Experience a video capable bandwidth and piece of mind knowing your signal encryption is virtually impossible to break. The point to point synchronous connections provide low latency and jitter. Install in tight places with the small form factor, a 24V power supply is included.

For more info, contact
Patrick Goode
Main: (800)975-GRID
Fax: (630)245-1717
Skype: Gridconnect Support

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