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Unemployment is rising due to current economics recession and the job market is becoming more competitive.
  • Layoff Survival Guide
    by Automation Media
    Being laid off from your job can be very upsetting both on an emotional level and on a financial level. With the economy being in such dire straits these days though it is happening to people more and more. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the job or you have been with the same company for decades, if there isn’t money coming in they simply can’t afford to keep paying you and others.

  • Tips for Finding New Job
    by Automation Media
    Finding a new job may not be what you had planned for your future, but in today’s economy it is a reality that many people are faced with. Instead of viewing it as something to dread though you should try to view it as a new and exciting adventure. This could turn out to be a great opportunity when you reflect upon it later on. Perhaps you aren’t sure how to go about finding a new job and that has you intimidated. If that is the case, these tips should help you to get on the right track.

  • Tips for Writing Resume
    by Automation Media
    Writing a resume may seem simple enough, but you want to have one that dazzles the reader. Those that are evaluating them aren’t going to be interested in the same format over and over again but with a different name attached to it. Instead they are going to separate though from the resumes that are colorful and full of potential.

  • Interview Fashion Tips for Women
    by Automation Media
    A woman needs to look great when she is going to a job interview. Looking classy and not trashy is key if you want to get hired. While there are many different styles out there to select from, you want something that flatters your body no matter what size you happen to be. This doesn’t mean you show it all off but that you find a good balance. You aren’t going to a social activity or trying to look good for a date!

  • Interview Fashion Tips for Men
    by Automation Media
    Men need to make sure they dress well for a job interview. Even if the dress code is casual there, you want to dress up for it. This gives the employer a good impression of you and lets them know you are serious about the job. It also gives you a more professional look. Therefore they are going to view you as someone that can get the job done on an ongoing basis.

  • Interview Essentials
    by Automation Media
    Being contacted by a potential employer to schedule an interview is very exciting. It means that the resume and the application you submitted to them captured their attention in a positive way. However, it can also be stressful because the interview process is one more hurdle that you have to overcome in order to get the job offer. There will be other people interviewed as well so you have to be able to deliver a memorable performance.

  • How To Deal With A Difficult Boss
    by Automation Media
    Learning how to deal with a difficult boss can be a way for you to stop dreading your job. Realistically, it isn’t always easy enough to move to a different job. You also don’t want to create problems within the business. You don’t have to grit your teeth though and simply put up with a difficult boss.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    by Automation Media
    Should I discuss pay at my job interviews?
    What questions should I ask at the end of a job interview?
    Should I take a job that is less than I wanted?
    Is it acceptable to fib on my resume to get a job?
    Should I relocate for work?
    Is there really a hidden job market out there?
    What are employers looking for?
    How long after sending in a resume should I contact the employer?
    How long after a job interview should I follow up with the employer?
    Is the internet a good way to find a job?
    Do I need to submit a resume if I completed a job application?
    How early should I show up for a job interview?
    Should I include my email address on my resume?
    How do I get a job if I have limited work experience?
    How do I avoid being labeled as overqualified for a job?


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