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OPC - Benefits to Vendors

Time Savings (Eliminate Driver Development)
OPC server vendors develop one version of their driver that communicates with all OPC client applications.The costly development of I/O drivers will be diminished substantially.The vendor can focus
their development resource at communication to the end device, rather than worrying about different client communication schemes.

Increased Served Market through Increased
Connectivity and Interoperability Products will plug together more easily. I/O manufacturers will be able to more readily sell their
hardware (one OPC I/O server will replace the need for many specific drivers that can talk to various products). Users will be able to take advantage of the products they want to use.

Focus on Value-Added Activities
Software vendors can focus efforts on adding value to their core SCADA, HMI, and Batch product offerings. It also allows third-party application vendors (such as specialized vertical market packages, advanced alarm handling, and statistical analysis) to work more easily with data from other vendor’s products.

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